Philosophy is not the love of wisdom. Philosophy is the wisdom of love – emphasis on love. The core of everything is love, and the exploration of love and the world around love is called philosophy. That is obviously not the meaning of the word today, but it is really not far off. In philosophy we search for ‘the most valuable’ and ‘the right way to act’. But the answers in contemporary philosophy does not seem to be love, even though many supersmart people have been trying to tell us that love is the answer. 

When we explore and try to understand love, we look in many places. We search in nature and that exploration creates biology and chemistry and physics. We search in language and forth comes linguistics, communications, grammar, rhetoric. We try to organize ourselves and our institutions in a loving manner and we get economics, sociology, politics. We investigate ourselves and get psychology and physiology. 

But all areas of inquiry origins from one place – and that is love. All these areas: natural science, language, psychology, economics, they were once a part of philosophy. The philosophers were the scientists and the economists and the psychologists. The philosophers were the explorers of love and life. Everything comes from love. Love is the core of all enquiry, even if we are aware or not.

But eventually all areas became their own distinct subjects and love were no longer the core. We teach math and physics but do not know why. And that is where we are now it seems. We have super advanced space rockets that can take us to the moon, but we do not love each other. We can clone animals, but we do not know how to love. We have lost sight of the foundation because we have climbed so high up the tree of knowledge. 

Maybe that is why 10% of the population in western countries need to eat anti-depressant medication because they cannot go on living without them. We are so far away from love that we need to take drugs to manage. We do not see any purpose of living, and if we do it is a material purpose that vanish as soon as we realize it. 

The Greek Sofokles said: “The word which release people from the despair and the pain of life is Love”

Someone, please make love a priority again.